AKJ Automotive

The AKJ Automotive (“Arbeitskreis Just‐in‐time”) is a group of experts and executives from the automotive industry and considers itself as a platform for an open and trustful exchange of information between all members of the automotive value chain (manufacturers, suppliers, service providers). Expert groups meet frequently to change the automotive industry towards better production and logistics systems.

In 2015, the initiative celebrated its 30th anniversary. Over time, the focus changed from Just‐in‐time issues to supply chain and production topics. The groups meet several times a year to discuss solutions for contemporary issues in the automotive supply chain.

Meetings are hosted by companies at changing industrial production sites and are combined with benchmark visits. Several AKJ Automotive congresses every year with approx. 200 participants promote industry solutions and results of the research.

The AKJ Automotive is the first industry-specific working group of GfPM - Society for Production Management e.V. Both AKJ Automotive and GfPM organize mutual network meetings and conferences. The concept has been transferred successfully to other countries, e.g Mexico with support from the university Tec de Monterrey and Mexican industry.

Strategy and applied science solutions

Meet and discuss good practices on site in the factories
Expand your network with experts
State-of-the art topics of relevance for the industry
Enhancement of production and logistics systems
Experience exchange of new processes and methodical standards
Development of a global AKJ network
Trusting environment on an equal footing with OEM, suppliers and service providers

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