AKJ Automotive

Innovative topics defined by members

Current Topics

G1: Organization of Global Value Chains

- Optimization of international and intercontinental supply / transport chains / information streams
- Design of transparency over the entire value chain (also from a cost perspective)
- Design / operation of logistics hubs / Flex hubs / Consolidation Centers
- Flexible supply chain (policies and measures to upgrade the responsiveness)
- Capacity management in the supply chain (with all aspects of logistics and production)
- Requirements of Rules for Corporate Responsibility for the partners in the Supply Chain
- Transport Management (network design, network optimization, IT support, Freight Cost Management)

G2: Innovations in Logistics and Digitization

- Innovations in logistics (technology and processes) as an enabler for added value
- Digital processes in logistics
- Supplier communication and supplier portals (data exchange beyond delivery schedule)
- Smart Logistics and Smart Factors
- Logistics 4.0 and Industry 4.0 (Smart Factory)

Results are documented

The documentation of the individual working sessions is result-oriented. Members have full access with their username and password to all the logs and additional documents